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Stair Design Details

Add Style and Sophistication to your Artisanal Stair Design

Metal Balusters & Newels

A stone curved staircase with metal balusters & newels.

Stylish and strong with immaculately delicate detail, metal balusters and newels beautifully accent classic and modern staircase design alike. From the spherical swirls of the Santa Fe baluster to simple elegance of the Twist.

Metal Panel Designs

A curved stone stair design featuring metal panel designs.

Turn your stair design into a work of art with Arcway’s signature metal panels. Radiating magnificence and sophistication, when combined with a rich wood handrail, our metal panels transform your staircase into a breathtaking work of art.

Glass Panels

A curved staircase featuring glass stair railing panels.

Nothing captures the brilliance of modern staircase design like glass stair railing panels. Often giving the appearance of floating, the clean, crisp, geometric lines and transparent panels give your space an added sense of openness and airiness!

Wood Balusters & Newels

A white staircase with wood balusters, newels, and a wood handrail.

Our wood balusters and newels are classical elegance captured in a single wooden beam. Whether you are capturing the stately charm of the Victorian staircase, or giving your modern staircase a rustic warmth, wood balusters and newels, complete with wood handrail.

Wood Box Newels

Arcways creates wood box newels for Victorian staircase design and more!

Adding stark and bold contrast to your wood balusters, wood box newels makes a powerful statement in any new staircase design, particularly in the grand, ageless style of the Victorian staircase.

Stone Stairs

A stone dual stairway with stone balusters and newels.

Stones stairs make a powerful statement in any space. Powerful, durable, and widely variable, stone stairs exude class, style, and sophistication with every step. Combined with wood balusters or metal balusters, stone steps create a totally unique centerpiece for your space’s architecture.

LED Lights

A stair design featuring LED lights.

High drama meets home architecture with stairway LED light installation by Arcways. LED lights offer a wealth of customization and decoration options to your stair design, as well as the added safety of added visibility.

Handrail Profiles

A cross section of a custom wood handrail.

No artisanal stairway is complete without the immaculately constructed detail of an Arcways wood handrail. Available in several wood species and styles, our wood handrails are a perfect complement to your staircase.


An Arcways staircase design with our pre-finishing services.

For the homeowner or business who want their staircase design and installation finished as quickly as possible, Arcways proudly offers pre-finishing services. By completing many of your stairway’s finishing details in our state-of-the-art shop, your staircase arrives ready for installation and use!


An Arcways team member performing an installation onsite.

Across the country and around the globe, our customers have experienced the full-scale service experience of an Arcways installation!