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Bristol Series

Newel Dimensions

Post to Post Estate


Pin Top Rake


Pin Top

4410 L=43" X=19"
4414 L=50" X=26"
4415 L=58" X=34"
4417 L=65" X=41"
4418 L=73" X=49"

Post to Post

4440 L=48" X=16¼"
4442 L=58" X=26¼"
4453 L=62" X=30¼"
4455 L=73" X=41¼"
4458 L=78" X=46¼"

2nd Floor Landing


Intermediate Landing


Pin Top Balusters

Square Top Balusters

Wooden Dowel Pin
The bottom of each 3 length baluster is drilled and shipped with a loose wooden pin for installation. Optional steel dowel screws also available.

3 Length Baluster Dimensions