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California 2pc. Install

Notice how we use the belly of the stairway to store the curved handrails underneath. These two piece carriages are easily shipped to the jobsite and man handled into place - the upper half is affixed to the header and leveled out - then the lower half is sleeved and lapped to the upper half to create one whole massive Arcways stairway. This Southern California project entailed two stacking freestanding curved stairways above each other. Arcways professionally engineered both stairways for seismic. The stairway treads and risers will be clad in travertine stone. Arcways supplied glass railings on this project as well as wire chasing through the stair carriage to illuminate the steps from stringer side face. A view of the underside before the drywall is applied is an impressive lock mitered / thru bolted maze of ingenuity.