Remodeling and Home Design

Vienna Series

5 Length Baluster Dimensions

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L=31" X=22-5/8"
L=34" X=25-5/8"
L=36" X=27-5/8"
L=39" X=30-5/8"
L=42" X=33-5/8"

Square Top

L=31" X=15-5/8"
L=34" X=18-5/8"
L=36" X=20-5/8"
L=39" X=23-5/8"
L=42" X=26-5/8"

Newel Dimensions

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4E70 L=43" X=15"
4E74 L=50" X=22"
4E75 L=58" X=30"
4E77 L=65" X=37"
4E78 L=73" X=45"

Post to Post

4E00 L=48" X=16¾"
4E04 L=58" X=26¾"
4E53 L=62" X=30¾"
4E55 L=73" X=41¾"
4E58 L=78" X=46¾"

2nd Floor Landing


Intermediate Landing


Balusters & Newels


Pineapple Ball

Reeded Ball

Twisted Ball