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Residential Staircase Design

For more than 50 years, Arcways has served clients as a world leader in designing, building, and installing custom artisanal staircases. In homes across the country and around the world, stunning, one-of-a-kind sets of curved stairs, spiral stairs, and straight stairs that inspire awe and take your breath away!

Whether you are looking for the pie'ce de re'sistance for residential new construction or seeking to add a more stylish contemporary staircase to your existing space, Arcways has a custom-built solution for you. Our master craftsmen work tirelessly to ensure that your stair dimensions compliment your space perfectly and fit seamlessly into your home design!

Click on the images below to view our residential staircase design galleries.


Arcways creates curved stairs and other staircases.

Flowing geometric design is the hallmark of an Arcways curved staircase. The staircases that pass through our shop are expertly crafted with cutting edge innovation, service, and quality, and from beautiful S-shaped curves to the dramatic double helix staircase, curved staircases look truly remarkable in any home!


Wooden spiral stairs designed for residential new construction.

From classic wood or metal spiral staircases to the breathtaking magnificence of a double helix staircase, Arcways’ spiral stairs are a visually stunning and spatially efficient staircase design for any residential new construction project!


Arcways designs straight staircases with contemporary staircase design.

Classic elegance captured in a single architectural feature, Arcways’ straight staircases radiate beauty and sophistication with simple design elements that put design and construction skill prominently on display! Perfect for a sleek, contemporary staircase design, our straight staircases fit any design scheme with ease.


A 2D rendering of an Arcways staircase design with stair dimensions.

Attention architects! Has your firm or client contracted with Arcways for custom staircase design services? Click here to view our 2D and 3D staircase renderings and see how Arcways staircases can fit into your architectural project.