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Arcways awarded "Most Unique Stair of 2009"

by the Stairway Manufacturers Association (S.M.A.).

SMA Most Unique Stair

The 2009 SMA Staircraft Award was presented to Arcways at SMA’s 20th anniversary convention in Tampa, Florida. The award acknowledged a challenging Arcways project that went into a mega motor yacht. Arcways designed, pre-engineered, pre-assembled, pre-finished, and turn keyed installed the stacked stairway units and panelized cylinder wall quadrants on time and within budget. Each 90 degree quadrant of panelized wall section had to fit flawlessly between multiple stacked floors with identical kiss joint reveal outcomes – see “lower and upper stairs in shop” photos. The figured mackore hidden fastened panels were meticulously fit and hidden fastened from behind the wall. The vertical grain on the inner and outer stringers and risers (not the norm) created a wonderful inline effect – matching the direction of the mackore wall panels. The solid mackore soffit or underside of the stair carriage, where the material twists and turns on the radius of incline, was a fete in itself. The custom hidden clip fastened curved crown molding was another proud accomplishment. The forged iron panel work with bronze collar accents gave the yacht a heightened sense of elegance as well.

It’s an honor to win the Staircraft Award especially when fellow stair related business owners are voting and judging on what is regarded as the “best of the best” in the stairway industry. Send us your home or commercial plans of varying project requirements, and we’ll be glad to share our 43 years of design knowledge. We’ll open your eyes to the possibilities – not limitations.